Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's hard to look at one area and say that's why the Huskies were able to come back from 17 down to win, but an area that I think made the biggest difference was turnovers.

At halftime, this was the breakdown:

UConn: 14 turnovers for 13 DePaul points
DePaul: Six turnovers for eight UConn points

In the second half:
UConn: Five turnovers, three DePaul points
DePaul: 10 turnovers, 13 UConn points

Understandably, not all the turnovers came on steals -- UConn had seven -- but it was UConn's pressure defense that did the trick. Don't be too surprised if UConn uses the press on Rutgers, sort of giving a dose of its own medicin. I admit, however, that Rutgers does have an impressive pressure package that I don't know if UConn can match,

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