Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Maya Moore just nailed a sick bounce pass as she faded away from the basket, between two defenders, and to Kalana Greene for the layup.

This one is done...

All but done...UConn outscoring Stanford 27-9 in second half, leads 65-49 with 9:19 left.

It's a sellout

The game is the first sellout at the XL Center since Jan. 6, 2007 against....Tennessee.

And....we're tied

It's 44 all with 15:52 to play. The half has been slow developing, but Stanford's had some trouble running it's offensive sets.

More honorees

The 1999-2000 UConn national championship team was honored and inducted into the Huskies of Honor program during halftime.

Heavyweights, for sure

Neither team is showing signs of giving up. These are truly championship teams. Each squad has had a decent run and they've also been able to steady play and exchange blows. It's a one-point Stanford lead, 35-34, with 3:40 left in the first half.

Big mistake

Kaili McLaren committed a stupid foul on Jayne Appel under the basket on a fast break. Fortunately, Appel missed the plus-one. Still, Geno Auriemma made sure to send a message -- he removed McLaren from the game.

A 6-0 Stanford run makes it 19-16 with 11:48 to play in the half.

Taking control

Thanks to a 7-0 run sparked by defense, the Huskies have a 19-10 lead. The Cardinal call a timeout.

So far, so good

This game has lived up to the hype through the first four minutes, three seconds. Yes, that's a short sample of time, but both teams are still feeling out each other and are able to make plays. Maya Moore and Jayne Appel each have an early foul. UConn leads, 12-10.

One versus two

Who needs Tennessee?

UConn-Stanford is the new black in women's college basketball, and that a game can sell out a decent-sized arena on Christmas Eve eve says something about the viability of the teams.

For all the complaining about attendance at UConn games lately, it may have as much to do with price as it does the competition. It's a sad day when a good team is treated with more of a yawn than anything else when it faces UConn.

The Cardinal, are better than good.