Sunday, March 09, 2008

The big questions were 1) was DePaul that tough of a matchup for UConn and 2) would UConn struggle against DePaul a second time.

The answers, we learned, are 1) kind of and 2) no.

In fact, Geno Auriemma attributed some of his teams first-half problems to carry over from shootaround this morning.
"I wasn't too hapy with them a t shootaround this morning, so that might have carried over. This team's funny....when I say that and i get mad at them, they allget together and say 'we're going to punish him.'"

The only punishing was done to DePaul, which had no answers for the Huskies inside and no other way to resolve its inability to make outside shots consistently. That's the Blue Demons' bread and butter. Take that away and they become.

A quick glance at the stats and you see the Huskies went from a 10 rebound advantage last week to nearly 20, 50-32. They also outscored the Blue Demons in the paint, 52-30.

That will be a little tough tomorrow night against Pitt and Marcedes Walker. The Panthers ahve been struggling the last month of the season. They needed to beat Notre Dame and now, as long as they are competitive against UConn, can go into the NCAA Tournament feeling good about itself.

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greg8370 said...

So much for Rutgers being a #1 seed in the big dance.