Monday, March 10, 2008

Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell intervened on the part of UConn women's basketball fans and convinced ESPN to broadcast tonight's Big East Tournament semifinal game on CPTV.

Originally, the first three days of the tournament were slated to be seen on ESPNU only, but Gov. Rell contacted the president of ESPN after many of UConn's fans complained that their cable carriers either do not carry ESPNU or require an elevated service package.

The game, between the Huskies and Pittsburgh Panthers is slated to tip-off from the XL Center at 6 p.m.


Deane said...

I see this was posted on a blog at 33 minutes before the game started. So this was too little and too late for the masses to even know it was on TV. Too bad the money-grabbing sports executives at UCONN can't figure out where their biggest fan base is and provide a way for them to see every game !!! ESPNU is not available on any (large) CT cable network. Thanks for nothing UCONN.

Joe said...

It was late, as word came down less than an hour before the game. The intent was good, but there clearly needed to be quicker movement. But this isn't UConn's fault.

The contract that places the Big East Tournament on ESPNU was negotiated by the Big East. Do you think the 16 schools in the conference would want the tournament on ESPNU over ESPN or ESPN2 or even a local network? Of course not.

The blame falls on the conference, the network and the state's cable providers.