Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Upon my entry into the arena, a security guard says, "Are you ready for the big night? Women's college basketball!"

Clearly tongue in cheek, my new acquinatance doesn't share the same passion for the game as most everyone in the building tonight. I'd like to have thought it to be an isolated case, but then another security person said something about Eliott Spitzer in a non relating news manner that was far from clear to me. Maybe it's best that way.

But the final disservice is when the two televisions in the media work areas and neither is tuned to sports. There was a replay of this morning's Red Sox-A's game from Tokyo. Why not watch that? What was on TV numero uno? MTV.

And the second?

How about the Food Network's Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee.

The guy watching the show was probably not looking for ways to make his next gathering one with a beautiful floral theme, complete with napkins turned into a mix of carnations and birds.

This is what should be a great has turned into for the disinterested. Sorry there aren't any dunks -- unless Maya Moore surprises us tonight -- but this is worth watching.

Far more worthy than a lesson in how to match your plates and cups.

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