Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There had been some speculation that the NCAA Tournament selection committee would place UConn, even as the overall No. 1 seed, in Oklahoma City. Why? Because the theory would be that ticket sales would push them further from home. The NCAA says they want the top team to play closest to home as possible, which would be Greensboro. But putting North Carolina in Greensboro and Tennessee in New Orleans is sexier for sales.

My take: if you put UConn in either Oklahoma City or Spokane, Wa., you are saying it isn't the top No. 1 team.

On a conference call taking place at this moment, the women's tournament selection committee chairwoman Judy Southard said the team deemed No. 1 overall will be placed as close to its campus. Therefore, if UConn wins tonight against Louisville, they will go to Greensboro. If they lose, expect North Carolina to get Greensboro and UConn going to New Orleans. Tennessee would and in Oklahoma City and Stanford, who I presume will be the fourth N0. 1 seed, would be in Spokane.

My guess at the top four seeds at each location...

1. UConn
2. Maryland
3. Duke
4. Old Dominion
1. North Carolina
2. LSU
3. Texas A&M
4. Kansas State
1. Tennessee
2. Baylor
4. Oklahoma State
1. Stanford
2. Rutgers
3. Oklahoma
4. Utah

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