Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Brittany Hunter

I normally don't blog during the offseason -- maintaining three blogs all year isn't easy. Anyhow, I felt I needed to today.

In today's paper, I wrongly wrote that Brittany Hunter would be joining the UConn coaching staff. Of course this wasn't intentional but it happened. Myself and another reporter misinterpreted the information. This has since been corrected online and will be updated in tomorrow's paper.

I'm sorry for my mistake.

What's eating at me as that some people on a popular website dedicated to the team feel that this wasn't so much a mistake on my part but a lack of professionalism, suggesting I "piggybacked" the info from the other reporter.

Never in my life have I felt so insulted, particularly coming from those who have zero knowledge of how, when and who presented the information. I screwed up and I am taking the necessary steps to amend that. But for people to say that I essentially stole information from my peer is downright wrong.