Saturday, March 29, 2008

Husky fans rejoice! Lorin Dixon may actually play tomorrow. She's needed to get her academics in order before Geno Auriemma would let her suit up.

He said this of the freshman who turned 19 today:
“Today is her birthday, so she’s a year older, she’s much wiser than she was yesterday, has a lot more experience, sees things a lot clearer, so she’s grown up a lot in the last 24 hours,” he said. “So I’m inclined to give her an opportunity this coming weekend. How much of the piece of cake she gets though remains to be seen.”

As for Dixon, she feels she let her teammates down.

“It’s just something I had to go through,” Dixon said. “It’s just something I hadn’t learned in previous years that I needed to go through before moving on to any other thing in college. The fact that it happened now, I’m glad that it happened sooner rather than later. I wish it never happened at all.”


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Congrats on being a Blog of Note!

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Herb Childress said...

Anyone else notice how incomprehensible Auriemma's statement is? First off, I don't know if he's just being ironic with the stuff about her birthday and being wiser than yesterday; I hope so (though if he is, it's pretty mean-spirited). But what's the "piece of cake" that she needs to get through? His metaphors need a new mixer.

Hank Dunckel said...

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She really Loves your Team

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