Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tuesday's game was exactly what I expected from Texas. Its post players couldn't finish -- even on layups -- and Maya Moore, Renee Montgomery and Ketia Swanier were so suffocating on defense that the Longhorns just ran out of options. All night, Texas kept trying to force plays against UConn, and when that fails and the Huskies score on the other end, that's what you get -- a 44 point loss.

Moore was simply amazing. It wasn't her best game, but it was the game she controlled the most, which is the next step in her evolution. When she begins doing this nightly -- not just every other night, she will win every major award in the country and the Huskies will be viewed as favorites hands down until she graduates.


Cade said...

Oh well, better luck next year...

Mina Jade said...

Maya Moore is great. She seems to be so talented and lively.

A nice tip to be the next sportswoman to introduce :-)

Wendy said...

I'm a Connecticut Native living in Vegas for the past 9 months.
The UCONN Women Basketball Team is a Connecticut treasure.
I've been afan of the team since Rebecca Lobo and Jen Rizzoti.
I find it strange that Pat Summit stopped the UCONN vs Tenn Series.
UCONN will meet TENN at big dance and UCONN will win it all-Sorry Pat

R2K said...

: )