Monday, March 10, 2008

The Huskies are simply having their way with the Panthers. Marcedes Walker, Pitt's standout center, had three shots at the basket and was unable to convert, missing the first two attempts before Maya Moore blocked the third.

With a 20-7 lead 9:21 into the game, UConn is getting open shots in the paint, on the perimeter and in transition. All that usually adds to a bad night for the opponent. At this rate, look for a 40-point win, because what's scary is the Huskies aren't even in a groove yet.

Worth the opening tip-off, Moore got the ball all alone and looked as if she was going to dunk, but settled for the safety of a finger roll. Trust me, the writers want her to dunk as much as the fans do; it would just make for a nice "I was there moment."

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