Sunday, March 02, 2008

Here's the deal, folks. Amazingly there are still tickets available for tomorrow night's game in Hartford between UConn and Rutgers. If this game is not a sellout, every Huskies fan who does not attend should be ashamed of themselves.

In the last week, UConn has played two road games in which the crowds at LSU and DePaul put the best crowd at either the XL Center or Gampel Pavilion to shame. Why can't the Huskies be given a better home-court advantage? Or is it just good enough to sit at home and watch it on CPTV because $15-$22 is too much when you throw in $10 for parking and another $10 for a drink and popcorn or whatever? Carpool with a friend and split the parking and share the popcorn. That's enough because you should be too busy screaming to eat anything. We don't want popcorn-related choking.

You don't think those women who you cheer for don't notice the drop off between a home crowd and a road crowd? This is your Tennessee game now. Pat Summitt isn't about to walk through the door to give you a reason to pack an arena.

If UConn's biggest rival on the last day of the season with the conference title up for grabs isn't enough to get you out the door and into a seat, what is?

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