Friday, February 01, 2008

Who does C. Vivian Stringer think she is? Clearly she thinks she is the women's basketball version of the New York Giants -- except I think she hates football. Although one of her nephews, Corey Stringer, plays for UConn.

Anyway, my point is, who would schedule a teleconference for the same afternoon as the Super Bowl? Really? Not Geno Auriemma, who will be talking to scribes like me on -- get this -- MONDAY!!!!!

Maybe I'm bitter that dear 'ol Vivian (I dropped the "C." because I know her like that -- OK, not really) ruined my Super Bowl Sunday.

There are some similiarities between the Huskies/Patriots and Scarlet Knights/Giants. Some of the obvious: UConn and New England are both undefeated. Tom Brady and Renee Montgomery are excellent quarterbacks for their teams, the Scarlet Knights and Giants are both from New Jersey, Patriots and Huskies are New England's pride, Tom Coughlin and C. Viv both have reputations of being less than loveable, Geno and Bill Belichick are filled with sarcasm. OK, I'm exhausted just thinking about this because not only can this list go on for another day, or if I tried hard enough, until Tuesday's game between teams (the REAL Super Bowl).

Go ahead and leave me your similiarities. I'd give out a prize, but who wants a pat on the back from me?

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