Sunday, February 24, 2008

My head is spinning a bit right now. The touching Senior Night tribute yesterday is still fresh, and I have to say, it was great to see the fans support Charde Houston, Ketia Swanier, Mel Thomas and Brittany Hunter.

Houston has had two consecutive solid games, something coach Genon Auriemma hopes continues. But it was Thomas who stole the pre-game ceremony, capped by her being introduced with the starters. Once the ball went up, it was all Swanier, all the time. It would have been nice for Hunter to have played, but that's the nature of her right knee.

Anyhow, I am in Baton Rouge preparing for tomorrow night's showdown with LSU. On my way to find some lunch (if you've ever had Wienerschitzel -- the fast food chain -- then you know how good my meal was) I drove over to the campus to see if there was much anticipation. From all accounts, no. It is about 75 degrees and everyone wanted to take in the sun and worry about the game when the time comes.

Meanwhile, there's some good women's games on television here. ESPN had Michigan State-Purdue and now has Texas-Texas A&M, but the one that has my attention is Tennesse holding on with a five-point lead over Mississippi State at the half from Knoxville. Yes, we know how this game will end. I just want to see how it gets there.


Richard D said...

I hope to heaven you were not in Baton Rouge, LA and the only place you could find to eat was at Weiner. You missed out big-time!!!!!!

Joe said...

Richard, I was, but don't worry -- I've done better here. Last year I ate at a place called Juban's, which was voted by two publications as the best eatery in Baton Rouge. The Oysters Oscar were incredible. The whole Weinerschnitzel deal goes back to when my wife and I were dating. They aren't found much east of Texas, so I had to take the opportunity.