Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Now that the Huskies have been dealt their first loss, there seems to be some change on the horizon, starting with the second half tonight. Geno Auriemma said that he can't play Charde Houston any longer.

“I can’t play Charde, that‘s the bottom line” he said after the two-point loss Tuesday. “I’ve tried, I’ve tried, I’ve tried. There’s just too many things that happen on the court when she’s out on the court.”

Furthermore, her teammates are turning a new leaf as far as Houston.

"My thought is, it’s kind of true because in big games when we need her and it’s just how things go,” Tina Charles said. “It really hurt me deep inside because I know what she can do. I saw the way she played against Tennessee last year, even though we lost. It hurts us, but coach has to do what coach has to do. It’s his decision.”

She went on to say that the team needs to start confronting its issues before its too late.


greg8370 said...

Buddy of mine got so fed up with her a couple of seasons ago he emailed Geno demanding he cut her from the team.
Houston will probably have a nice career overseas however.

Anonymous said...

how could u possible say that in big games she dosent step up when in big games he doesnt play her so she can step up. How are you hurt think of how hurt she is. Somtimes the coach doesnt always have the right decisions your out on the court playing, not him.