Saturday, February 02, 2008

There was definitely some life, especially from Kaili McLaren and Tina Charles. Geno Auriemma said that McLaren was in need of a confidence boost and that hopefully what she did tonight will serve that purpose.

When asked if she was lacking confidence, McLaren said she was but played it down a bit. Her teammates agree with the coach's assessment.

"I wouldn't say down," McLaren's best friend and roommate Tina Charles said. "She doesn't realize if she would use her body and just overpower anybody."

Sometimes it seems that McLaren is more likely to give you a performance like tonight than you will get a similar game from Charde Houston (who did all of her damage hen the game was not on the line) or that Charles will show up or that Brittany Hunter will play.

Aside from that, the job Ketia Swanier did was solid. Yes, eight of her 17 came almost all at one to close out the first half, but when Renee Montgomery isn't scoring or Maya Moore gets into a funk, that kind of ability -- to shoot from the outside or to drive and create a shot for someone else or to get out on the break, becomes valuable.'s late and I'm the last to leave Gampel Pavilion, so good night and enjoy the Super Bowl. Tuesday's not far off.

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