Sunday, February 03, 2008

There are those who'd like to think coaches are some sort of protected species, like the bald eagle, where the government needs to step in and make sure they are kept safe from negative conditions.

But there has to be a line. Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer was so unhappy with her team that her 3:15 teleconference didn't start until 3:52. And at that, it lasted just eight minutes. Why? Because she would give reporters one word answers.

If there's any wonder why she's not exactly loved, here's a perfect example.

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Anonymous said...

ru kidding, geno is that biggest a.. in womens sports..take your loss walking and accept the fact she has caught up to geno in just 5yrs. this is good for the womens game...much like it was in the mens game. when teams caught up with ucla nd kentucky in the 60 and 70s..the fact is more and more schools are putting money into womens sports and geno and uconn fans must understand this. He will have to simply work harder. its called life