Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The production from the post has become a continous theme. Tonight, Geno Auriemma was unhappy with how Tina Charles, Charde Houston, Kaili McLaren and Brittany Hunter played.

The expectations for Charles -- who at times looks like the best center in the country -- may be too much for her. The idea that she should be able to go out and dominate a game no matter the opponent and her ability to focus/dedicate/accomplish that task is holding her back.

No, I don't think she's affraid of success; she wouldn't have gotte this far if she was. But sometimes you have to punch the other guy in the mouth to let him know you mean business. I don't think Charles can do that. While I'm not being literal, if Tina did hit someone, she'd appologize and grab the girl an ice pack. What the Huskies need is a center who will knock down the playing guarding her and stand over her so she has to wait another second of two to get back up.

Auriemma said the difference between Charles and Moore is that Moore wants to be great and will work toward that goal. Charles expects a fairy to come down and sprinkle greatness on her.

We can say that Hunter, McLaren and Houston are as important and should be critiqued as throughly as Charles. In principle, that's correct. But here's the rub: Hunter is limited due to injury. Anything she gives is a bonus. Houston's train is just about out of town. Four years of failure and lost potential. And then there's McLaren. She cae in with Charles, was a McDonald's All-American with Charles and is her best friend. But McLaren simply doesn't have the ability to dominate a game from start to finish the way Charles can.

Something has to change or when it comes time for the later rounds of the NCAA Tournament, the Huskies will be going home earlier than they imagined.

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