Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I wasn't in Syracuse last night for the near defeat, instead I had the chance to watch Heather Buck play.

She spent most of the night looking as if she was being swarmed by gnats. Despite that, she managed 34 points, 11 rebounds, four steals and a block in a two-point loss for her Stonington Bears. She seems stronger since I last saw her about a year ago. She could use some work on her free throws (she'll fit in at UConn just fine in that regard) but had a good night at the line, and at times became flustered with the physicality of the Norwich Free Academy defense. In college, she'll face stronger and better defenders, so she's going to have to learn to make adjustments.

On the positive side, she has a nose for the ball. She has a couple of different moves that she makes to finish plays, which should keep her from becoming predictable.

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dweeb said...

"for the near defeat"?.

Joe, UCONN won the game.

Whether it was a picture-perfect contest or pure luck, the team on the road in a Big East contect, notched a victory.

Perhaps we've just gotten a bit too spoiled when it comes to UCONN women's basketball?

I enjoy watching them play and exhibiting many of the talnets and skills, as individuals and as a team, that I'd hope we'd use elsewhere in our lives.

And, I confess, I enjoy it even more when they win, but let's savor what we have and appreciate it for the pleasure it gives.- bill kenny