Thursday, January 17, 2008

As many of you know, Mel Thomas sustained a torn anterior cruciate ligament and lateral meniscus in Tuesday's win at Syracuse, ending not only her season but her career with the Huskies.

This is as severe of a blow to UConn as the loss of Kalana Greene roughly a month ago. Thomas' heart, hustle and leadership will be missed. She can't be replaced, but the Huskies will have to try to fill the void without her.

Either Charde Houston or Kaili McLaren will move into the starting lineup, keeping Ketia Swanier in her valuable reserve role. I suspect that Maya Moore will move to the off guard position, giving more athleticism and size to the position. Plus, she has the ability to drive to the hoop and score from behind the line.

But back to Thomas, from my end, she will be missed. She's well-spoken and willing to answer questions. On the court, the team will miss her leadership but she will still be with them, much like Greene is.

Now, the Huskies and coach Geno Auriemma are going to fins out what they are made of. Personally, I think the losses of Greene and Thomas will be too much for them to overcome in the quest to win a national championship.

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greg8370 said...

It's going to be tough. I thought they could run the table in Big East play but they're going to get picked off a couple of times now. Without Thomas there's no real three point threat. Can Houston finally step up?