Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another down for the Huskies, who are proving they can win away from home. That's two straight road wins, something that after losing two key players seemed questionable to occur.

Even though Maya Moore didn't have her best game, she did do something very important. Her fast start allowed UConn to go stride for stride with Notre Dame. In that early spurt, Moore's effort gave Tina Charles and Brittany Hunter time to warm up and take advantage of their opportunities in the paint.

And it was good to see Hunter on the floor. This is a special season for her and I really have gotten the sense that she felt a bit under seige last season when her right knee was a bigger issue than it has been this year. Maybe it's because of it being her senior season -- keep in mind she could have not come back this year -- or because she has some hopes of playing professionally, or maybe she just wants to prove something and in the process win a national championship. Whatever the case, and it may be all of teh above, Hunter is important to the team.

We saw once again how unreliable Charde Houston is. Kaili McLaren comes and goes ,and it appears that Charles is developing a not-as-nice-as-usual streak. Coach Geno Aurriemma has wanted to see a mean streak, so I guess a partial transformation is better than nothing.

Maybe when Charles sees the green and gold of South Florida Wednesday night it will serve as a flashback to the game she had in Florida last year when she single-handedly delievered the conference title.

I remember that the USF fans were rowdy. At times, they crossed the line into rude and obnoxious with comments made towards some of the Huskies. None of that seemed to make a difference because even with scoring machine Jessica Dickson, the Bulls were helpless.

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