Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Leader 1

If there's any question, any doubt as to why Renee Montgomery is among the game's elite, look no further than today's win over Hartford. Yes, it was Hartford, but let's say the game was North Carolina and Montgomery had gone down with the busted lip as she did today, do you think she would have re-entered the game? She offered to go back in today, but Geno Auriemma said no. It was the right call in an already decided contest.

After the game, Montgomery's lip was big, swollen to the point as if she were balancing a cherry on it. Dripping with blood, she calmly and casually played off the small injury. With a quick turnaround before facing LSU on Saturday, you know there are many of other players in the country who would sit out the next game.

Montgomery was the Huskies Saturday. She carried them early on when they had trouble finding the basket. Her 20 first-half points were more than all of Hartford's players combined at the half.

When she went down with the cut, the Huskies missed her immediately. The Hawks went on a small run until the Huskies gathered themselves and continued the drubbing.

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