Friday, January 02, 2009

Star spotting and more

If you are at tomorrow's game or watching it on TV instead of the bowl game, keep an eye out for some people of note in the Husky universe. Former Huskies Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Ashja Jones, Maria Conlon and Ashley Valley, as well as recruit Stefanie Dolson are expected to be in the stands.

Tomorrow's game against LSU will be the last game between the teams, at least that's scheduled, for some time. The deal between schools expires after this season. Personally, I've grown attached -- almost comfortable -- with the Lady Tigers. Baton Rouge is my favorite place that I've visited with the team and I have a lot of respect for the success attained there.

Geno Auriemma said that it's time for a "break" between teams. Maybe he's right. Let LSU reload in a couple of years and come back when there should be a little more juice. UConn leads 4-1, but that one loss came in Fresno to reach the Final Four a couple of years ago.

Next year, UConn will have its hands full: Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Duke and Stanford on top of an always tough Big East schedule. I can see how North Carolina might step in and become that rival that Tennessee was/is. I like LSU better, but UNC is so impressive.


Renee Montgomery is hating life right now. Well, to be clear, she's hating her busted lip. It's considerably larger and she asked reporters to not look at her lip. Frankly, it's hard not to. There are people who have been in a car accident that had smaller lips.

She says it hurts badly in the morning, as if she "was hit by a truck." It's starting to heal and "Ne-Ne" wishes the swelling would go down because the game is nationally televised.

Montgomery said she can't pronounce the letter F, but when I asked her to say "food," she sounded fine. I also suggested she speak with her lip covered up if she's bothered. So she turned to a nearby camera and asked if they could hear her OK. Auriemma said he's never seen anyone use so much ice as Montgomery.

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