Monday, December 01, 2008

Paris in November

Courtney Paris looked bad in that first half, didn't she? Nothing-for-7 shooting and had eight boards (most were her missed shots). I, like a lot of others thought, "She stinks." OK. More likely, "She's not as good as I expected." And for the first 20 minutes , she wasn't. She let Tina Charles and even Kaili McLaren push her around and Paris played a disinterested game.

However, what we saw in the second half, was much more like what we expected. Paris had eight points quickly and in a matter of minutes. Felt like seconds.

She's a great talent -- when she's interested and when she focuses. The real Courtney Paris is who we saw in the second half, so people, don't kid yourself into thinking she's not all that. She is. But right now, I'd take Tina Charles every day of the week and twice on Sunday (especially this one).

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