Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This was ugly. And I have to tip my cap to Geno Auriemma. OK, he's friends with Holy Cross' Billy Gibbons. But Geno didn't have to pull his starters. Geno didn;t have to show mercy to Gibbons or to the Crusaders. His responsibility is to the Huskies.

Yet, that has as much of a reason behind not playing the starters. There's just something to be said about good sportsmanship.

What would have happened if the UConn starters had stayed in the whole time? 150-15? Who wants to see that? Who wants to see the circus come to town?

Geno said this was a tough game as far as keeping focus and because of what could have happened beyond what did. He questioned whether this was a beneficial series to continue, whether Holy Cross benefits from these games.

Gibbons appreciates what his team gets from facing UConn.

"I've done it every year I've been in the Patriot League, which is now 19 years. We've made the finals of the Patriot League 15 times of the (last) years, which I am very proud of, and we have won it 11 times. I think the reasons are because we play Connecticut and the tough schedule that we play non-conference have made us better for our league which is our ticket to the NCAA's."


thehondohurricane said...


What do you hear about Doty? According to a Bulletin competitor, her repaired knee has been acting up a little. Is she going to hold up through the Big East schedule and tournament?

Joe said...

When you've torn your ACL there is always a degree of acting up. To put the spin that its going to be a problem is something I wouldn't say or do.

Caroline's knee is doing fine.

I'll let Geno tell you:

"Her knee hurts every day. It's not like (the injury) never happened. She's probably gotten hit in the same freakin' spot, like three of four times. And it's not anything to do with the ACL, but she got whacked a couple times. I'm sure she's in some pain."