Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dolson quotes, as promised

From my conversation Saturday with new UConn recruit Stefanie Dolson:

On when she decided:

“Probably after we had gone to a game the weekend of Thanksgiving versus Oklahoma. After that I realized I really wanted to go.”

On liking the UConn’s proximity to home.

“Yeah, I guess. My parents like it more than I do.”

What she liked about UConn:

“On their campus it reminds me of where I live, the people – I love the people there. Then their program is a winning program and I feel like it was the best place that would make me the best player I could become.”

On going someplace where there is pressure and attention”

“The pressure I can handle. I’m pretty good with pressure. Actually, I do better when there’s more pressure on me. Attention, no. I’m not a big attention person. I am with my friends, but not when it comes to basketball. With basketball, I just want to play the game and do the best I can.”

On playing somewhere where she won’t be the focal point from Day One.:

“With that, I feel like if I go there with other people like Maya Moore and stuff, I feel like I won’t be the star but I’ll be an asset. I’ll be an extremely good asset to the team, help it win.”

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