Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Tennessee-UConn rivalry brings out some of the best quotes in people. Here are a few leading up to today's game that stand out and weren't seen in the Bulletin.

Geno Auriemma, on whether the rivalry is "sexier" when it focuses on him and Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt:
"Not for me. I don't think Pat has ever looked at me in sexual terms. I don't think she finds anything attractive about me whatsoever."

Mel Thomas:
"This whole week you can tell there's added excitement, coach is more fired up than usual."

"You think Tennessee, you just want to go out there and destroy them. ... When I signed here and when I was watching games on TV, I didn't like Tennessee and I wasn't even part of the program."

Former UConn guard Maria Conlon:
"Three out of four my years at UConn, when I was playing, every time we played Tennessee, there seemed like there was some huge snow storm. There's ice on the roads and hazardous conditions, and we're still selling out."

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