Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One last time, with feeling

This is it for me, unless management decides that New Jersey isn't the same as overseas travel. Not a whole lot of thought went into today being my last game of the season until Rich Elliott of the Connecticut Post reminded me yesterday.

Allow me to be sentimental for a moment or two. Its been a honor to cover this team and this sport. Getting to bring you, the readers and the fans, coverage has been fun.

Getting to know these young ladies and bring their lives, hoops exploits and personalities has been great. What they do on the court is nothing compared to who they are, which are remarkable people that are what I hope my daughter would grow up to be.

There is also a great bond between the writers who cover this team and the our pleasure in presenting the journey.

Thanks for reading all year. And if you want more from the Bulletin, e-mail them at sports@norwichbulletin.com and tell them to keep covering the Huskies.

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