Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What else can be said

...about the number UConn put on Louisville?

Let's start with the most significant number coming out of the game. That is three.

Three was the shot of choice for Tiffany Hayes, who by many was considered the third freshman of her team's class (EDD and Doty).

Three was the shot that sparked the Huskies' big run when they took control of the game for good.

Three is the number of top six teams UConn has defeated by no fewer than 28 points.

I'm saving Hayes for another blog, hopefully in the morning when I have more rest. The threes? check out Tuesday's Bulletin.

What UConn has done is mind blowing. The ease, and increasing ease, at which it is winning games makes you wonder where the peak will be. Do they peak? Geno Auriemma said after the game that until everyone is clicking, there's room to improve on a nightly basis.

Jeff Walz refused to say UConn is the best team in the country. I don't know if he has a grudge or thinks someone is better, but who's feelings are you going to hurt by not saying UConn?

What I think is a bit of sportsmanship. He's confident that the Big east title game comes down to these same teams and if he waxes amazement than his team might believe it can't hang with the Huskies. I thnk we saw that the Cardinals can, in fact, play with the Huskies.

Had it not been for some sloppy play and a load of missed gimmie baskets, we have a different game. Maybe it's a 12-point game instead. And what if Tiffany Hayes plays more toward her average? Then Louisville might win. I doubt it, though. I find that the Cardinals are MUCH better than they showed -- and how can you not like Angel McCoughtry and Candyce Bingham?

I mentioned at halftime to someone who had never seen Angel play how I thought she is better than Maya Moore. I think Angel is more complete right now. Statistically, McCoughtry is the better player. That can't be argued. Plus, she has less talent -- substantially so -- than Moore. McCoughtry has single-handedly made Louisville a power.

Moore is more graceful, and compared to where McCoughtry was as a sophomore, is light years ahead in development. Meaning, two years from now, Maya is going to be twice as good...at least.

Anyhow, the season seems anticlimactic now. It shouldn't be and I suspect there will be a few tough games between now and the Big East tournament. But there are only a handful of teams that I think can give UConn trouble.

They are:
Maybe Auburn (need to see more)

Most everyone will disagree with me on Baylor and Cal, but I think they are athletic enough to cause problems for UConn.

OK, so that's it for now...but more after sunrise.

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thehondohurricane said...

Angel can lace up her sneaks and play on my team whenever it suits her fancy. Classy crowd gave her a well deserved hand when she was taken out.