Sunday, January 18, 2009


First off....I need to respond to the last couple of comments regarding the Syracuse game.

1. Anyone who saw the game, especially if you were there, knows Geno didn't try to trip anyone. If you believe that, you are making up your own story and have no idea what happened. From my perspective, it looked like Geno tripped on a television cable. He said he stepped on someone's foot. A clip with a close up, but not entirely concrete shows Nicole Michael appearing to have stuck out her foot.

Everyone on the press row side of the court said he tripped on the cable. Everyone on the bench side said he was tripped, not that he instigated a trip. The line of players also blocked many people from seeing the cable.

Instead of name-calling and making up accusations, let's stick to the facts.

From what I saw, he tripped on a cable, but Syracuse played a dirty, dirty game.

2. Running up the score? You bet. The players and Auriemma wanted to make a point, send a message. 'Cuse coach Quentin Hillsman told the Orange;s radio team that he felt Auriemma was "trying to send me a message that I won't accept."

Auriemma said that if Hillsman thought a message was being sent he must have done something to warrant a message.

After Syracuse players said anyone on their team can guard Maya Moore and that the only difference between the Huskies and the Orange is the No. 1 ranking UConn has, I think what we saw was a Orange squad hat realized they aren't close and a Huskies team that wanted to make sure their foe knew its place.


greg8370 said...

Another ACL for Doty! Joe--is it me or does UCONN way more of these than other schools and are female players more prone to this injury than men?
Get well soon Caroline!

Joe said...

Hi Greg!

Women are more prone to this sort of injury. Last year, there must have been at least a dozen in the first month of the season.

What makes this tougher is once you have an injury such as a torn ACL, you become more susceptible to another. Great examples: Shea Ralph and Jackie Gemelos of USC.

thehondohurricane said...

I've only been following the women's game since the early 90's, but it seems to me UConn and Tennessee have had an abnormal amount of season ending injuries over that time. I think UConn is snake bit. It's some catastrophe every year.