Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thoughts of the road

Gotta say that even though the first half was ugly at times, the Huskies looked good in the second half. Once more the defense showed it can suffocate ( it helped that BYU couldn't make layups). And, instead of five players in double-digit scoring, there were six.

Maya Moore, who is one of the brightest talents the game has seen in a while (that includes Candace Parker), was amazing. Her near triple-double would have been noteworthy on its own. She'll get that triple-double sometime this year, maybe Sunday against Oklahoma Tickets still available, so get them).

But Lorin Dixon's performance is what stands out the most. She's been beleaguered for spotty play this year and in 16 minutes, she played well. If she can play like this every night in similar minutes, even if she doesn't get the point total, she will be a significant boost. Assuming everyone is healthy, the depth at guard with Renee Montgomery, Kalana Greene, Caroline Doty, Tiffany Hayes and Lorin Dixon is unmatched in the country.

I do have to take exception with some of what the BYU broadcasters were saying.

* First, they said Dixon is playing well and doesn't always have to be the leading scorer. She's never been the leading scorer at UConn. Tonight was her first 10-point-plus game.

* I understand the desire to question coaching decisions. As a journalists, that is part of the job. But when the color analyst suggested that BYU should focus on chipping away at a 40-point deficit with 11 minutes and change left, suggesting the game wasn't out of reach, showed either a lack of knowledge by a former player or extreme homerism. Later, when BYU coach Jeff Judkins started putting starters in with five minutes left in a 50-point game, she questioned the move. Granted, the two are not mutually exclusive. But when you want the team to play to win and question playing the bench, it seems odd to question bringing in starters periodically late in the game when Judlins is giving his reserves a blow after playing 10 minutes straight.

Also, did anyone else gasp when Kalana Greene slipped with about 7 minutes left in the first half?


thehondohurricane said...

Yes! When Greene went down, I immediately started thinking... get up, damn it, get up, and don't limp.

Todd said...

I did also gasp when Kalana took the hard fall. It seems knee injuries occur often in that sort of scenario

greg8370 said...

Anytime one of these players falls down I hold my breath.
Looking forward to the OK game a bunch.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

SmWall said...

Great blog. Love womens basketball. UCONN will may go undefeated this year.

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