Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 for 1

Maybe it's beating a dead horse, but until the bench produces in several games it will scrutinized.

Geno Auiriemma said Kaili McLaren has had a good week in practice and Lorin Dixon should play a greater role tonight. Beyond that, he said he viewa Meghan Gardler and Tahirah Williams are essentially one player. Meaning the minutes they play gave to form the production the Huskies would want from one person.


greg8370 said...

Hays and Doty continue to impress and Greene looks strong in her second game back.
But you're right, the bench is weak and the tv crew kept harping on that all night. Maya and Rene can't be going 35+ minutes every game over the long haul of a Big East schedule without it catching up to them at some point.

greg8370 said...

Totally off topic but how about the Hartford Hawks knocking off Duke yesterday!
The trend of early season losses of top ranked teams contined with Jen's win. Duke joins Tenn., Stanford, Maryland in the loss column.