Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halftime thoughts

Caroline Doty started and looked good for the most part. She hit two threes and has two steals, but when she returned after a few minutes breather Doty looked out of her groove and missed her next three shots.

Tiffany Hayes is fast, quick, get the point. Watching a lefty shoot is a little weird, but she should be OK. She hasn't done anything to stand out.

Neither has Heather Buck, who entered the game with just over two minutes to play in the half.

Kalana Green looked good, particularly early where she showed some burst but not on par to where she was pre-injury. That's expected.

Tina Charles has been impressive. She started the game with an underhand scoop shot that I don't recal seeing before. She often looked as if she smelled blood. Show her a double team in the paint and she would eat it up.

If I'm Geno Auriemma, however, if you take away an exceptional steal-layup-plus one play from Renee Montgomery, Stonehill has outscored UConn

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