Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do your part

and go vote! I'm not a morning person -- I usually sleep until 10 -- but I got up "early" and just got back from voting. The lines were longer than I expected at my polling location in Norwich. It wasn't too bad, though. I was in and out in under 20 minutes. Hopefully no one is having any difficulties in voting.

Just a few things that I don't want to spend much time on.

Texas high school standout Kelsey Bone recently told a Houston radio station that one of the reasons she chose to not attend UConn is that a reporter contacted her several hundred times. First, it's not me. How do I know? I've contacted her fewer times than I've interviewed Jim Calhoun (that would be twice).

If it's true -- and I don't believe so -- shame on that reporter. She is a kid whether we want to think so or not. She is also a person and deserves her space and her privacy. Anyone contacting any other person that much, especially considering the situation, understandably brings about thoughts of Bone's safety as well as concerns of deviant behavior on teh part of said writer.

Here's why I think it's not right: Among the regular beat writers: Carl Adamec, John Altavilla, Rich Elliott, Roger Cleveland, Vickie Fulkerson, Jim Fuller and myself, there's no reason any of us would have called/e-mailed/texted/whatever 10- percent of the amount Bone claims. Also, if Bone was having hard time with this, wouldn't she have told coach Geno Auriemma? I'll tell you this: If she had told Geno this was happening, he would have ripped us, the beat writers, a new one. Since he hadn't, and we see him at least once a week, I doubt she ever expressed this concern. Next, on a more professional point of view, the whole thing sheds a bad light on the UConn reporting corps. If Bone is going to make an unsubstantiated claim, she also needs to name the name and produce some form of proof that she's essentially been harassed or stalked by that person.

That said, the only other thing I ask is to check out my piece in today's Bulletin.

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