Sunday, April 06, 2008

The odd couple

Everyone is more or less waiting with anticipation whether or not this Final Four weekend turns into Geno versus Pat. Truth is, everyone (except Stanford and LSU) probably wants that matchup for all the attention it will draw to the sport.

While neither have publicly spoken about each other and Pat Summitt's cancellation of the series this weekend, it has been an undeniable monster lurking under teh surface here ready to come down upon Tampa much like today's rain.

They've also been notable in their absence of each other. When Geno was named AP Coach of the Year alongside Tennessee's Candace Parker as Player of the Year, Summitt was M.I.A.

Both at least both have had the opportunity to draw laughs.

At the same award announcement, Geno was introduced as "Gene," which didn't sit well with him. He said this is the first COY honor for Gene, but that Geno has many.

Pat, meanwhile, recalled her encounter with a racoon. She went on to say that she hadn't seena racoon since because it probably thought she was the "craziest woman" it had ever seen.

It would only be fitting for these two clash Tuesday. Of couse, the fireworks would start tomorrow when the two would have to discuss each other's teams.

Until then, UConn needs to stop Stanford and Tennessee needs to do the same against LSU, which hs reached five consecutive Final Fours.

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