Monday, April 07, 2008

At the Summitt

Leave it to Pat to say something while saying nothing at all. With the Huskies done and en route to Connecticut, Tennessee's Pat Summitt was asked about the rift between the two schools. She paid a backhanded compliment to Geno Auriemma, which may have seemed harmless in its own right, but I think tells you more about the cause of this split.

“I have tremendous respect for Geno’s coaching skills and abilities,” she said. “I think he made us better. They beat us enough that it made us better. The fact that we’re both not here today is not going to change what I want to say or talk or what it takes to mend it. I haven’t even gone there.”

What she means is that she blames this on Geno for his recruiting -- or his sense of humor. If its that latter Pat needs a night at a comedy club and less time swatting furry bandits on her back porch.

The hall of fame coach blamed the media for fueling the feud, which has been filled by repeated complaints filed against UConn by Tennessee for recruiting violations. All but one has been dismissed as having no merit by the NCAA The one transgression was deemed a secondary infraction and resulted in a warning.


thehondohurricane said...

To hell with this bimbo! If she hasn't got the guts to come out and openly discuss why she decided to cancel the series, she should just shut up. Her quote in this post makes no sense to me except for the fact she's sticking her head in the sand...again. As much as I did not like it when UConn lost to UT, I always respected her program. No more. She can go soak her head in a bowl of grits

uconn_fan said...

pat screwed herself by not playing uconn.tennessee keeps sliding down the top 25.