Sunday, April 06, 2008

Not for nothing

Candice Wiggins has proven to be the best player, but that doesn't mean to let her get every call. She just knocked over Renee Montgomery and was allowed to drive to the hoop for a basket. You cannot touch this woman or be touched by her for risk of having the whistle blown on you.

Case in point, Montgomery was just hip checked and no foul was called. Why? Wiggins is who laid out the hit.

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Knikki said...

Kristi Tolliver from Maryland. I played against her in high school and she was untouchable skill wise and call wise. She practically ripped my eye out and threw me on the ground when I drained a three in her face one game. I looked at the ref and threw my arms up like "WTF?!" And he turned the other cheek. I think Kristi at most maybe had 2 fouls every game.

Refs never called anything on her and granted she was pretty much flawless when she played in high school because of the lack of competition for her, but she got away with way more than I could have ever dreamed of.