Sunday, March 25, 2007

I am sorry to those who stopped by looking for blog updates throught Saturday's game. The internet connection is bad at courtside and I was unable to log on.

Some thoughts from the Huskies' win:

* If the Huskies can play a full 40 minutes, I don't think anyone can beat them. They've yet to put all the pieces together for a whole game, which is a shame.

* The spirit displayed both during and after the game by N.C. State is admirable. Khadijah Whittington walked past the UConn locker and assistant coach Trina Trice tried to console the Wolfpack's best player. Seeing the pain in her eyes, not that her season ended, but that it may have been the last game for Kay Yow, was moving. If UConn was going to lose to someone, I'd want it to be to N.C. State.

* I am more and more impressed by Charde Houston's growth. Just seeing the changes in her from October is impressive.

* After LSU defeated FSU, LSU center Sylvia Fowles was asked about the embrace she shared with members of the Seminoles' coaching staff. Keeping in mind Fowles is from Miami, the big smile on her face said it all.

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