Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back where they were a year ago: the Elite Eight.

Last year, a misses shot by Charde Houston at the buzzer sealed the Huskies' fate as they lost a heartbreaker to Duke. But now the Huskies find themselves faced with LSU, a team they know and played a month ago.

Charde Houston said she doesn't think about that game or that shot much these days. Good for her. She said the focus is on doing what she has to to help her team win the game at hand.

Saying you look only at the current game and not the potential next game is hard to do. Almost impossible. The HUskies have said that's what they do all season. Although when the Tennessee game came around, several players admitted that they had been thinking about the Lady Vols for weeks. Maybe having some sort of obession with an opponent explains the way UConn started out against Tennessee.

Maybe the same happened with LSU, only UConn came back and won the game. So does this take pressure off knowing there's a win under your belt? At this stage of the game, I don't think so.

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