Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sporting News Top 25

This is the Sporting News Top 25, as compiled by moi. Pick up the SN's College Basketball annual and check out my season preview.

1. UConn
2. Stanford
3. Ohio State
4. North Carolina
5. Duke
6. Notre Dame
7. Oklahoma
8. Virginia
9. LSU
10. Baylor
11. Michigan State
12. Tennessee
13. Xavier
14. Florida State
15. Georgia Tech
16. Arizona State
17. Texas
18. DePaul
19. Maryland
20. California
21. Mississippi State
22. San Diego State
23. Middle Tennessee
24. Marist
25. Boston College


greg8370 said...

nice job Joe. Pretty cool deal for you--the Sporting News!

thehondohurricane said...

Hi Joe,

Well thought out list. A few ramblings of my own....

1) Nice to see Tenn down a bit. One can only hope the trend continues.

2) I'm a bit surprised Gail G hasn't gotten Texas into the upper echelons yet. Recruiting must be tough there?

3) Any thoughts about Deleware now that DellaDonne has decided to play?

4) I'd be surprised if Kathy Inglese doesn't have URI moving up in a year or two. A worthy New England rival for UConn would be nice. I'm assuming a BC game ain't going to happen on any regular basis.

Take care,