Thursday, October 15, 2009

Media Day notes

Lots to discuss coming out of the team's Media Day on Wednesday.

Coach Geno Auriemma had some high praise for freshman Kelly Faris. Saying he's bever seen her play a bad game, Auriemma predicted she will not have a bad game all season. I suggested she might have a game with five turnovers and she said she will not do that. Auriemma said Faris could miss all of her shots but she would make up for it with other things she does.

Just as interesting comment came from Maya Moore. She said if she had to play a 2-on-2 game for the national title, she would pick Caroline Doty.

Doty, for her part, couldn't hold back a smile at hearing that. She said after two knee injuries, she is stronger than before and ready to go.

Auriemma said Doty's backcourt partner, Tiffany Hayes is an All-American. He added that if Hayes is an All-American, UConn wins another title.

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