Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Throughout the course of any season there happens to be some adventure. Or in my case, misadventure. That's what happened to me Monday night following the Huskies' win over Richmond.

I had never been to the Hartford Civic Center before. If someone asked me for directions around the venue, I'd be useless. Even inside, I didn't know where anything was. Thanks to my friend Bob Joyce, the voice of the Huskies, I was directed to the most pressing features: work area and dining area.

Upon my arrival, I parked my car in a lot that closed two hours after the game ends, so I found myself working as fast as possible to make sure I would get to my car before the lot closed.

So as I walked out of the working area, I see a wall painted with "EXIT" and a big arrow. I walked through the doorway and up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs are several blue doors. I walked through one of these blue doors. The door closed behind me and I saw multiple glass doors before me. All of them are locked.

I turned back around and each of the blue doors are locked as well. So here I was, surrounded by doors that are locked and the clock is ticking on the parking lot where my car is stationed.

I found at the end of the blue doors an office door, which was open. To no surprise, no one was in there.

I tried banging on the blue doors and yelling for help. No one to my knowledge heard me.

Next came the glass doors. I opened a set of doors as far as they can go and I began to yell for help. Hearing music in the distance, I had some hope, but after a couple minutes passed and no assistance, I began to think of an alternative.

That's when Johnny Genius here attempted to squeeze through the glass doors. My bag fit. My jacket fit. My head fit, my arms and torso fit. My legs fit. But my rear end wasn't having it.

This is when thoughts of spending the night at the Hartford Civic Center began to enter my head. If that's not enough to make someone scream, yell, beg and plead for help, I don't know what would.

Finally after what felt like five minutes went by, a security guard popped out of the office and said he had been watching me struggle and waited to assist me until he felt I lost my cool. Thanks, buddy.

He let me out, told me where to exit from in the future, and yes, I made it to my car in time.

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