Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quotes from Jacquie

There will be a story online, but this is what didn't get in:

On not serving as a grad assistant with ex-Husky Tonya Cardoza at Temple:
“It would have been great to go down there and get my Masters and work with Tonya, but at the end of the day this came along and this is what I want to do so why not jump right into it. I had to take it.”

On her responsibilities:
“It’s much different from the UConn build where there’s the job that we have, we have Sarah Darras, we have all these positions, but at Fairfield, the whole program literally gets run through me from travel to film exchange to video. It’s pretty crazy.

On landing the Fairfield job:
“I feel extremely fortunate and blessed. So many times I’ve heard, ‘You’re so lucky to get a job right after college.’ I definitely feel very, very lucky. I know people who are struggling to get jobs.”

On her UConn experience:
“I was able to learn from so many different people there and gain so much experience being under that program. Here, I’m taking on so many responsibilities each and every day and literally have this program run through me. I’m excited for it and I’m ready to take on the challenge that I have ahead of me. Hopefully, I can make Coach (Joe) Frager and all the other coaches’ jobs easier.”

On her career and still wanting to coach in the future:
“I’m very fortunate. I’m only 21, I have my whole life ahead of me, I know I’ll have a great career. But this is just great experience coming right out of college. I’m in all the staff meetings, I know what’s going on. ... The players coaches call me Coach Fernandes, and I feel like I am a coach even though I can’t directly say, ‘Do X, Y and Z.’ Coaching is what I want to do but I think this is an unbelievable experience to have. It’s going to be great for whatever university I end up at next.”

On being called "Coach":
“It’s definitely different. I’m sure some of the seniors are 21 and are my age, but it’s great I know what they’re going through. I’ve been through it at the best program at the country. I’ve done everything that they’re doing.”

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