Sunday, March 07, 2010

Closing in on 70

UConn and Syracuse are set to tip off in about two hours, which puts the Huskies about 40 minutes from matching its 70-game win streak that went from 2001-03.

It's beyond logic to suggest Syracuse could win this game. A lot would have to happen. But I think there are couple things to keep an eye out for.

Last year, Syracuse said they had the defense to stop Maya Moore. They stopped her at 40 points. Then Moore puts up 38 and 20 two weeks ago. Clearly, she treats orange like a bull does red. Maybe Tennessee knew something when it chose to discontinue the series with UConn. I'm just sayin'.

That first game had some drama -- very physical play that UConn took exception to and the Nicole Michael-Geno Auriemma tripgate, not to mention the Orange's contention that the Huskies ran up the score. From my perspective, they did, to make a point about the trash talking and physical play.

This season's meeting saw some more fireworks. Syracuse said it hadn't forgotten what happened the previous year, but downed down the rhetoric. But in the game, Erica Morrow of Syracuse was ejected for throwing a punch at UConn's Tiffany Hayes.

So...what should you expect? I'm looking for another very physical game -- maybe the most physical game between these teams. I can't imagine the Orange want to be No. 70, so they could be scrappier than usual. My gut tells me there's going to be a blow up of some sort.

Also, Maya Moore scores 39 points. If she doesn't it's because Auriemma takes her out of the game early to rest her for tomorrow's semifinal against Notre Dame or St. John's.

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