Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One versus two

Who needs Tennessee?

UConn-Stanford is the new black in women's college basketball, and that a game can sell out a decent-sized arena on Christmas Eve eve says something about the viability of the teams.

For all the complaining about attendance at UConn games lately, it may have as much to do with price as it does the competition. It's a sad day when a good team is treated with more of a yawn than anything else when it faces UConn.

The Cardinal, are better than good.

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bootza said...

stanford will give the huskies a run for their money in the ncaa tournament. its a good thing, better than a blowout.
when they met in december they had the lead a half. stanford has 've gotten better, wiser, & built more stamina since then.
remember the last lost was to stamford 2 yrs ago in the semi's of the tornament. the huskies beat them that same year in the carribian classic that same year pretty good by 12 pts or so. i read were, renee montgomery, said they could've beat them by more. so in the tournament i was convinced the huskies would have no problem with them & move on to the tennessee vols women, who i wanted them to play and crush. not to be. stanford is the only obstacle between the huskies & a perfect season as i see it. hope they do't get over confident, because they are the best women's team out there, but sometimes the best team doesn't always win.